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Mekong River Cruise Experience: Exploration of Cao Dai Religion

Originated in Vietnam in the 1920s, Cao Dai is a relatively new, syncretic religious movement combining aspects of Confucianism, Taoism, Buddhism, Christianity, and local folk traditions. Despite its early roots, it has grown in popularity, particularly on the Lower Mekong in the south, where it was developed, and has become one of Vietnam's most religiously accepted customs. In this article, we will explore some details of this unique religion.

Best Time to take a Mekong River Cruise to Vietnam and Cambodia

Despite being connected by the Mekong River, Vietnam and Cambodia have quite diverse topographies due to their respective terrains. While the former is far more varied due to the country's elongated and narrow shape, spanning approximately 1,650 kilometers from north to south, with central highlands and mountainous regions in the far north and northwest, the latter is characterized by mostly low, flat plains with mountains in the southwest and north.

Best Mekong River Cruises for Solo Travelers

If you’re a solo traveler who desires to take a Mekong River cruise but feels hesitant at the same time as you’re afraid that it would be too expensive with a “single supplement” or difficult to arrange on your own. Think again! These following excellent cruise lines that can cater particularly to singles will make your trip along the vast Mekong unforgettable. You can discover new cultures and cuisines while taking in some stunning landscapes. This journey will broaden your mind and heart, providing you with a fresh perspective on life. So prepare to set sail on an incredible voyage!

Six Fascinating Experiences on the Aqua Mekong Cruise

A Mekong River cruise trip with Aqua Mekong across Indochina is the perfect combination of old-world charm and French glamour, offering the finest experiences of regional culture, tradition, and adventure. There is plenty of beauty everywhere, from breathtaking landscapes to ancient temple architecture, from centuries-old customs to vibrant cities and markets. Here are six of the most favorite highlights throughout the great voyage of Aqua Mekong Cruise.

Exploring the Mekong Delta with Mekong Eyes Classic Cruise (Eye Opening Experience in Vietnam)

The Mekong Delta in southern Vietnam was always on our top list when we were planning our 2-week trip to this Southeast Asian country in April 2024. My husband and I were both interested in experiencing new lands and cultures, and the river cruise trip with Mekong Eyes Classic did not disappoint us at all.

Fascinating Life On-Off Board RV Mekong Navigator Cruise

Mekong River cruises offer an abundance of onboard activities and shore excursions at various ports of call in Vietnam and Cambodia, offering travelers the most authentic experience possible. Each river vessel also provides a comprehensive range of facilities on board to make vacationers feel at ease while away from home. Let's find out what the RV Mekong Navigator Cruise can offer you and your friends on an unforgettable river trip.

Fascinating Insights into Southern Vietnam and Cambodia

The Lower Mekong River connecting Southern Vietnam and Cambodia is likely to be the most diversified cruise destination in Southeast Asia in terms of culture, history, and landscape. Board a multi-day Mekong River cruise, and you will have the great chance to delve deep into these two amazing countries.

Khmer Apsara Dance: A Symbolic Representation of Cambodian Heritage

Included on UNESCO’s Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity since 2003, the Cambodian Apsara dance has become one of the country's most popular cultural attractions, appealing to visitors from all over the world. With its graceful movements, exquisite hand gestures, and vibrant costumes, this dance performance is a form of traditional Khmer dance serving as a living heritage and representing Cambodia’s traditions and identity.

Top 3 Deluxe Mekong River Cruises Recommended 2024 - 2025

With its vivid tapestry of diverse cultures and rich history, the Mekong River was a crucial catalyst for putting Southeast Asia on the river sailing map. A stunning river cruise with modern conveniences and exciting on-shore excursions is great, but not everyone can afford a luxury cruise along this mystical river. Then, why not consider a deluxe alternative that takes you through the heart of everyday life in the ever-changing towns of Vietnam and Cambodia at a reasonable price? Let's take a look at the Top 3 Deluxe Mekong River Cruises that are highly recommended in 2024 - 2025.

How Much Does A Mekong River Cruise Cost?

The mighty Mekong River offers a charming collection of cruises, from deluxe to luxury, across Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, and part of southern Thailand. Each voyage is available for 1–10 nights at various prices. If you’re wondering which river cruise will fit your budget, let us share some pricing information you need to know for a wonderful trip in Southeast Asia.

New On-shore Cruise Program on Heritage Line's Lower Mekong River Cruises

Despite its apparent simplicity, a cruise product is a tremendously complex topic. It entails a distinct touring program of onshore experiences as the software and meticulous ship design as the hardware, plus comprehensive hotel operations, top-notch F&B, and high-end hospitality services expected of any 5-star property.

Best Experiences In Can Tho For An Unforgettable Discovery

When it comes to Can Tho, most travelers think about an embarkation/disembarkation point or a port of call for some Mekong River cruises. But more than that, Can Tho is the capital of the Mekong Delta, a major commercial city and a tourist destination with a lot to discover and experience. If you want an escape from the hustle and bustle of the bustling city, here are our suggestions of the best activities for a wonderful trip to Can Tho.

What's Life On Board A Pandaw River Cruise?

Embarking on a river cruise along the mighty Mekong River is a wonderful experience, with a variety of local excursions and unique activities to see the rural life of many Southeast Asian countries. That is what you get on a Pandaw cruise. However, we find out that many guests prefer to chill out and be pampered aboard the ships. Let's look at what draws passengers to stay on board during a Pandaw river cruise trip.

New Culinary & Cycling Excursions on Heritage Line's Lower Mekong River Cruise

Starting in early 2024, Heritage Line will introduce new optional and themed tours on its lower Mekong River cruises, including The Jahan and The Jayavarman. On typical cruise itineraries from 3-, 4-, to 7- nights, passengers will enjoy a variety of on-shore expeditions focused on cultural, historical, or artisan topics that offer fascinating insights into many facets of Vietnam and Cambodia.

Cai Be's Pop Rice: An Unmissable Treat for Mekong River Cruise Trips

Each Mekong River cruise trip will offer tons of natural and cultural experiences, and when it comes to the vast Mekong Delta, you cannot miss out on the emerald rice fields and their related products. In this article, we’ll unveil an authentic experience of rice that ensures your voyage is a memorable chapter in your travelogue.

Dragon Eyes Cruise: An Unforgettable Mekong River Cruise for Family Vacations

If you’re considering a short family trip in southern Vietnam, why not take a river cruise to the vast waters and the tiny canals of the lush Mekong Delta, or even across to Cambodia? Here’s Dragon Eyes Cruise, where you can charter the entire vessel for a family journey in exclusive privacy.

Wat Hanchey: An Amazing Cultural Experience on Mekong River Cruises

Wat Hanchey, located north of Kampong Cham in Cambodia, is a religious landmark and historical remnant that will undoubtedly inspire some awe. Not only is it worth visiting alone, but this cultural site is also an important stopover on many Mekong River cruises.

Mekong River Cruises: Best 4-Day Tour Itinerary

If the main reason that attracts you to culturally rich Southeast Asia is taking a Mekong River cruise, but you cannot join an extended journey or cannot afford it, why not embark on a 4-day voyage between Vietnam and Cambodia with plenty of serene landscapes and cultural immersion? In this article, we will suggest the best detailed itinerary for a 4-day cruise from Saigon to Phnom Penh, which can be your next vacation to the region.

Tonle Sap - The Cambodian Lake That Breathes

Located in Siem Reap, the “Great Lake” Tonle Sap is not only the beating heart of Cambodia but also Southeast Asia’s largest freshwater lake. Stretching 155 miles long and 65 miles broad at its widest point, it’s like an inland ocean with vibrant ecosystems and fascinating local communities.

Gecko Eyes Cruise: A Perfect Private Cruise for Couples in the Mighty Mekong

Like other pioneers in the famous Mekong Eyes fleet, Gecko Eyes Cruise is the best choice for tourists who want to take private tours exploring the lower Mekong River according to their personal tastes. Featuring only one cabin on board each of the two beautiful vessels, Gecko Eyes is designed for private trips, ideal for small families and couples. Let’s read on to discover the highlights of this houseboat brand.

Signature Experiences While Onboard Heritage Line: The Jahan & The Jayavarman

Famous for a superb collection of luxurious vessels in Southeast Asia, Heritage Line sails on the mighty Lower Mekong River with the most impeccable ships, including The Jahan Cruise and The Jayavarman Cruise. Each river journey on these cruises showcases the unique cultural heritage and many memorable cultural experiences in Vietnam and Cambodia. In this article, we will introduce you to some signature highlights when aboard a luxurious Mekong River cruise.

Update the Latest Promotions for The Jahan Cruise and The Jayavarman Cruise

Take a cruise today to discover Asia's mighty Lower Mekong River connecting Vietnam and Cambodia with a wide range of offers and promotions from Heritage Line The Jahan and The Jayavarman and enjoy all top-of-the-range services at competitive prices. In this article, we will provide you with an update of the latest discount offers on these two river cruises.

Why RV La Marguerite Cruise Is Your Perfect Mekong River Cruise

As the waters of the mighty Mekong River wind through Cambodia and Vietnam destinations, travelers will get a rare chance to see the heart of a region rich in natural beauty and history, with enchanting landscapes and a close-up look at local culture. In this article, we present the best choice of river cruises exploring the Lower Mekong, RV La Marguerite, which ensures your voyage is a memorable chapter in your travelogue.

9 Reasons To Take A Lower Mekong River Cruise

The vast Lower Mekong Delta is a hub of nature, history, culture, and gastronomy. And the best way to experience this iconic waterway is by sailing on a river cruise. The vessel will meander its way through the breathtaking splendors of Vietnam and Cambodia, and beyond the banks are traces of a turbulent past, ancient customs, and inspiring historical sites. If you still hesitate to take a trip down, read our post and find out more reasons to cruise in Southeast Asia.

What to Expect on a Lower Mekong River Cruise Through Vietnam and Cambodia

You’re planning to visit Vietnam and Cambodia, but unsure of the best way to explore? We would be more than happy to introduce you to the most authentic, unique, and luxurious way to enjoy - cruising from Vietnam to Cambodia or vice versa. A Mekong voyage between these two amazing countries is exciting but yet relaxed, and most of all, it presents the tale of the mother river that has nurtured ancient civilizations in an unfiltered way. Read our post to see highlights you can expect when cruising along the mighty Mekong through Cambodia and Vietnam.

Visit the Mekong Delta in 3 Days: Best Mekong Eyes Cruise Itinerary

The lush Mekong Delta will be of interest to most tourists searching for short trips or leisure travel itineraries in Vietnam, besides many well-known sights. This mighty land itself is adept at drawing in travelers with its rusticity, charming rural lifestyle, mouthwatering cuisine, and lyrically web-like canals. Some people may be unsure on how long to stay in the Mekong Delta. The journey may take several days or a whole week. But we strongly advise you to stay for three days. Please continue reading for the best 3-day cruise program from the Mekong Eyes Fleet to explore the Mekong Delta in Vietnam.

Heritage Line Cruises: The Differences Between The Jahan and Jayavarman

When searching for famous luxury cruise lines operating on the Lower Mekong from Vietnam to Cambodia and vice versa, travelers may find themselves wondering about the differences among them. Especially for those wanting to sail with Heritage Line Cruises, choosing between The Jahan and The Jayavarman can take some time. Are there any deciding factors that help you select the best ship for your upcoming trip? Check out our list of basic differences between these two vessels from Mekong River Cruises.

Highlights Making Mekong Eyes Explorer Cruise Different

Welcome its very first guests in 2016, Mekong Eyes Explorer is among the best cruising options in the deluxe category to traverse the various waterways of the Mekong River and travel between Southern Vietnam and the capital Phnom Penh of Cambodia. In this article, we will show you the great highlights that make this boutique cruiser stand out from the rest.

Mekong River Cruise: High Water or Low Water Itinerary?

For first-time visitors embarking on a Mekong River Cruise, especially those taking the Phnom Penh-Siem Reap 5 Days, Saigon-Siem Reap 8 Days, or vice versa, the detailed itineraries with options of high water and low water sometimes cause confusion. In this guide, we will provide you with the major differences between the two seasons and how they affect your river cruise trip.

Victoria Mekong Cruise: The Best Choice of 4-Star Mekong River Cruises

There are many ways to explore the gorgeous Mekong Delta in southern Vietnam, but nothing compares to a stylish river cruise for a perfect combination of relaxation, culture, and scenery. Why not laze on a lounger and let the rustic views come to you? That's the whole purpose of vacations! To bring tourists up close and personal with the finest of the Mekong Delta, Thien Minh Group has introduced a brand-new, four-star cruise experience on the Victoria Mekong. With thoughtful planning and sustainable operations, the trip will take you into the heart of the Delta area, with stops at interesting onshore sites and small villages and plenty of time to relax and enjoy on board. These are a few of the standouts that make Victoria Mekong the best 4-star cruise option among other Mekong River Cruises.

Best Places to Visit with Luxury Mekong River Cruises

The mighty Mekong is one of Asia's most well-known rivers, and a river cruise down the Lower Mekong is one of the best ways to experience an authentic cultural and historical journey in Vietnam and Cambodia. In this article, we will explore the top 9 must-see attractions in these two beautiful countries on a luxury Mekong River Cruise.

Top 5 Luxury Mekong River Cruises Recommended in 2024

The mighty Mekong River has played a significant role in Southeast Asia's history, culture, and lifestyle for thousands of years. Onboard a stunning and opulent Mekong River Cruise gives a fantastic opportunity to see the magnificence of this charming river on a risk-free, enjoyable, and pleasant journey. If you're interested in taking a luxury Mekong River vessel during your Asia Tour, read on to check out our carefully curated list of the Top Luxury Mekong River Cruises that are favored by most passengers and highly recommended in 2023–2024.

Explore the Unique Cai Rang Floating Market with Mekong River Cruise

Cai Rang Floating Market is a must-see destination in the vast Mekong Delta, southern Vietnam. It’s considered a unique “specialty” of the locals in Can Tho particularly and in the Western Region generally. The market plays an important role in the lives of local people while also preserving the cultural charm of this river area. Let’s explore the significance of the Cai Rang floating market with Mekong River Cruises.

The 10 Most Captivating Experiences in the Mekong Delta

The Mekong Delta, a vast network of rivers, swamps, and islands in Southeast Asia, is a region of unparalleled natural beauty and cultural diversity. Flowing through several countries in Asia, including Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos, the Mekong River is the lifeblood of this region, providing sustenance, transportation, and a rich cultural tapestry for the people who call it home. In this article, we'll embark on a captivating journey to explore the ten most interesting and immersive experiences the Mekong Delta has to offer, from floating markets to river cruises and encounters with local communities.

Mekong River Cruise Experiences: Morning Tai Chi Class

All passengers onboard Mekong River Cruises may start a new day with a Tai Chi exercise on the sundeck with the guidance of a staff member, while the cruise glides through the authentic landscapes of the mighty delta. It’s an interesting experience with a lot of benefits, so read on and find out more about this special morning class.

Travel with Mekong River Cruise: 10 Best Tourist Attractions in Phnom Penh

The heart of Cambodia beats in the vibrant, busy city of Phnom Penh. This expansive capital is a metropolis of large central boulevards and small back alleyways, where contemporary and ancient meet, stretched out alongside the banks of the Tonlé Sap and Mekong Rivers. Together with Mekong River Cruises, read our list of the best sites and things to do in Phnom Penh for further suggestions on your sightseeing alternatives.

Visa Information For Mekong River Cruises

Mekong River Cruises are popular these days between Cambodia and Vietnam. And with foreign visitors, getting a visa is one of the most important steps prior to taking this voyage. So how can you apply for a Vietnam Visa or Cambodia Visa to enter these two countries via the river border with a cruise tour? The specifics are provided below:

Pandaw Cruises: Best Family Friendly Promotions

If you’re interested in the rich cultures of South East Asia, embarking on a Mekong River cruise is absolutely the best idea. Meet the native people, hear their stories about the past, and sample the local cuisine. And in case you’re traveling with your kids, Pandaw will be the perfect option with their family friendly features. On this article, let’s find out what’s special on the family promotion of Pandaw Cruise.

Mekong River Cruises: Best Service & Hospitality

Joining a ship journey with Mekong River Cruises means you’ll spend a lot of days with other fellow travelers and the crew only. Then what should you expect the service and hospitality onboard? Each cruise has different features on offer, and on this article, we introduce some best services you might enjoy during your Mekong voyage.

Into Fantastic Culinary World on Heritage Line The Jahan Cruise

Embarking on The Jahan Cruise of Heritage Line, passengers will not only travel back in time to the glory of former British-India, but it’s also a great chance to take in the finest dining experiences onboard a Mekong River Cruise. Let’s find out all culinary highlights you will savor when sailing with the enchanting The Jahan.

Fantastic Wellness Facilities on Mekong River Cruises

It’s never boring on board Mekong River Cruises. Apart from entertainment activities, each cruise ship offers a variety of wellness amenities that ensure every second on board an amazing experience to treasure. Come to seek happiness and pleasure in life via the following wellness highlights you might enjoy on Mekong River Cruises.

Mekong River Cruises: Diverse Onboard Entertainment

When sailing with Mekong River Cruises, you are not required to participate in all shore excursions. You can stay on the ship all day and life on board is never boring. In fact, each cruise line offers a variety of exciting activities that keep passengers busy or relaxing every day, from lectures, movies, to cooking classes and traditional experiences. Here is a list of onboard entertainment you may enjoy during a Mekong River voyage.

How to Plan a Trip to the Mekong

The Mekong River, one of the world's great waterways, flows through several Southeast Asian countries, including Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam. Known for its rich cultural heritage, breathtaking landscapes, and vibrant river life, the Mekong region offers an unforgettable travel experience. Planning a trip to the Mekong requires careful consideration and preparation to make the most of this fascinating destination. In this comprehensive guide, we will provide you with valuable insights and practical tips on how to plan a trip to the Mekong, ensuring a smooth and memorable journey. From choosing the best time to visit to arranging accommodations and exploring the must-see attractions, let's delve into the details of planning an exceptional adventure along the mighty Mekong River.

Mekong Princess Cruise: a truly luxurious river cruise through Vietnam & Cambodia

After many considerations, we have decided to discover the Mekong Delta through Vietnam & Cambodia by a river cruise, not a land tour and we have chosen the Mekong Princess Cruise for our trip, luckily we were happy with our decision. Mekong Princess Cruise, a fabulous cruise and a memorable, unforgettable trip of a lifetime.

Top Outstanding Experiences You Can Expect When Taking a Mekong River cruise

The Mekong River is one of the most iconic waterways in Southeast Asia, spanning over 4,000 kilometers through six different countries. It's not just a river, but a way of life for the millions of people who call the Mekong River region home. A Mekong River cruise in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos is an excellent way to discover the beauty, culture, and history of this fascinating region. From visiting ancient temples to exploring floating markets, a Mekong River cruise provides the opportunity to experience the best that the region has to offer. In this article, we'll explore the top ten experiences you can enjoy when discovering the Mekong River on a cruise in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos.

All Travel Tips for your Mekong River Cruise trip

The Mekong River is the lifeblood of Southeast Asia, flowing over 4,900 km through six countries, including China, Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam. A Mekong River cruise is a unique and unforgettable way to experience the beauty, culture, and history of this region. However, before embarking on this journey, there are a few important travel tips to keep in mind to ensure a smooth and enjoyable trip. In this article, we'll explore all the travel tips for your Mekong River cruise trip.

The Best Time to Take a Mekong River Cruise

The Mekong River is one of the most impressive natural wonders of Southeast Asia, and a popular tourist destination for visitors to Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos. A Mekong River cruise is an excellent way to experience the natural beauty and cultural richness of the region, as you glide past lush landscapes and traditional villages, stopping to explore ancient temples and local markets along the way. In this article, we will explore the best time to take a Mekong River cruise including the weather patterns, seasonal events, and cultural highlights that make each season unique…

Why Choose a Mekong River Cruise to Discover the Mekong River?

The Mekong River is one of the most iconic and historic rivers in Southeast Asia, flowing through six countries: Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Myanmar and China. It is a major source of food, water, and transportation for millions of people who live along its banks. Taking a Mekong River cruise to explore Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Thailand is an unforgettable experience that offers the opportunity to see these countries from a unique perspective. Here are some of the reasons why a Mekong River cruise is the perfect way to discover this fascinating region.

Mekong River Cruise Prices: Tips & Suggestions

A Mekong River Cruise is a fantastic way to explore the heart of Southeast Asia. With breathtaking scenery and a rich cultural heritage, it's no wonder that more and more travelers are choosing to experience the Mekong River by boat. However, with a variety of different cruise companies and itineraries to choose from, it can be difficult to know what to expect in terms of price. In this article, we'll provide some tips and suggestions to help you plan your Mekong River Cruise and ensure you get the best value for your money.

Mekong River Cruises as a gateway to the heart of Southeast Asia: Vietnam, Cambodia & Laos

Mekong River cruises offer a unique opportunity to explore the heart of Southeast Asia and experience the rich culture, history, and natural beauty of this diverse region. With its winding waterways and bustling ports, the Mekong River serves as a gateway to some of the most fascinating destinations in Southeast Asia, including Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, and Thailand…

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