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What's Life On Board A Pandaw River Cruise?

Embarking on a river cruise along the mighty Mekong River is a wonderful experience, with a variety of local excursions and unique activities to see the rural life of many Southeast Asian countries. That is what you get on a Pandaw cruise. However, we find out that many guests prefer to chill out and be pampered aboard the ships. Let's look at what draws passengers to stay on board during a Pandaw river cruise trip.



Comfortable and Stylish Staterooms

The Pandaw stateroom is the most recognizable feature, blending spectacular colonial-era style with excellent contemporary comforts. The main and upper deck rooms on Pandaw cruises, finished in brass and teak, are usually 150-168 square feet (14-15.6 square meters). All staterooms remain substantially the same on each ship of Pandaw.



Please note that all cabins are not equipped with mini bars, satellite TVs, internet access, or telephones. Travelers often pick Pandaw as a way to escape from city life and tiresome business hotel amenities.

After seeing the delights of life onshore, guests return to the ship to find themselves in a floating oasis of luxury, attentive care, and all the wonderful things in life.

Room amenities:

- Fruit and flowers on arrival

- Spa-branded amenities

- Kimonos and slippers

- Unlimited mineral water

- Free use of a mini DVD player on request and a collection of DVDs (subject to availability)



Fine Dining Experience

Instead of formal dining rooms, the Pandaw offers open-air dining spaces designed to open up on the sides to let in cool breezes. Only at night will staff close windows and turn on the air conditioning. The cruise line also provides a wide selection of both local cuisine and exotic foods. They always choose ingredients and supplies locally, adhering to closely regulated environmental health standards.



While onboard Pandaw vessels, guests will enjoy a buffet for breakfast. Lunch features a buffet with soup, salad, desert, and the main course served at the table. And dinner is served at the table with waiter service.

Certain dietary requirements can be accommodated on all ships. Vegetarians are especially well-catered for, and those who prefer no hot or spicy food are offered delectable alternatives prepared in the European style. Other special diets can be catered to with prior notice. The chefs are aware that most travelers wish to enjoy the best and most distinctive cuisine from each country they visit.



Spa & Gym Facilities

The Pandaw Spa, which is now only available on the Mekong Pandaw ship, provides head, foot, and body massages. The onboard spa room is small and has one well-trained therapist. Please be sure to make reservations in advance if you want this service.



Fascinating Cultural Lectures

The Pandaw concept has been delicately infused with cultural and historical knowledge since its inception. On each voyage, your purser and guide will give daily briefings, offering a forum for discussing the day's activities and plans.

At least one cultural show is included on most sailings, including the marionette theater in Burma, the Royal Khmer Ballet in Cambodia, and a local dance in Laos on the deck.



The cruiser also provides onboard activities such as touring around the working ship, cooking demonstrations, napkin tying, and fruit carving. Themed movie nights are particularly popular, with favorite masterpieces like Indochine in Vietnam, The Killing Fields in Cambodia, and The Lady in Burma.

Interesting Social Events

While passengers' peace and serenity are top priorities, the cruise ships do provide a variety of social activities that have become a staple of each Pandaw river adventure.

Several social events will take place throughout the expedition, including a welcome dinner, a farewell gala dinner, cocktail parties on deck, and themed dinners with local foods and costumes.



There are more onboard entertainment and recreational activities on Pandaw cruises, and each vessel may offer different options. If you’re considering a river cruise trip with Pandaw, please contact our Mekong Rive Cruise expert for detailed information, itineraries, and attractive deals.

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