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Mekong River Cruises: Best Service & Hospitality

Joining a ship journey with Mekong River Cruises means you’ll spend a lot of days with other fellow travelers and the crew only. Then what should you expect the service and hospitality onboard? Each cruise has different features on offer, and on this article, we introduce some best services you might enjoy during your Mekong voyage.



1. Sincere Hospitality

Once you’re onboard a Mekong River cruise, the friendly staff will go above and beyond to make sure that your onboard experience is comprehensive. Soon enough, they'll pleasantly surprise you by remembering your name and considering you as a family member. Additionally, they take pleasure in serving you and you will definitely cherish some lifelong memories of the crew and their endearing characteristics.



2. Flawless Breakfast Service

A very unique service that a Mekong River cruise room with a balcony can let you immerse in the luxury is surely the Balcony Breakfast. You can find this special service on The Jahan Cruise. What’s better than starting a new day on your private balcony with a sumptuous breakfast while observing the tranquil rustic scenery and the early morning Mekong River life drifting by. Almost all items from the breakfast buffet can be ordered to your cabin. All you need to do is filling out the menu and simple hanging it on your door handle the night before, then preparing for a morning surprise.



3. Impeccable Butler Service

On many Mekong River Cruises, a specialized butler service is included with the higher room level for top-suite passengers. It is perfect to always have someone available and willing to help!



4. Ultimate Privacy

Whether you stay onboard a small or big vessel in terms of room capacity, the cruise always pays close attention to creating comfortable and roomy living spaces in the public areas. Passengers will easily find a nice cozy spot where they can enjoy some relaxed downtime with a game of chess or some interesting books.



5. Good Medical Assistance

All staff onboard have received first aid and lifesaving procedures training and certification. The cruises also have excellent relationships with medical professionals and hospitals, and they have systems in place to protect the passengers in the event of an emergency-which, of course, we hope never arises.



6. Professional Concierge

The heartfelt and multi-talented concierges on Mekong River Cruises would be pleased to help you with any requests, from taking your postcard to the post office, making a transfer arrangement to the airport, to sending a souvenir you bought or reserving a post-cruise excursion. They are constantly eager to delight you.



Though there are many services you can enjoy during the journey, each Mekong River Cruise offers a distinct service and hospitality level. If you have one special in your mind and wonder which cruise on offer, please let us know and our cruise experts will give you the detailed information.

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