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Heritage Line Cruises: The Differences Between The Jahan and Jayavarman

When searching for famous luxury cruise lines operating on the Lower Mekong from Vietnam to Cambodia and vice versa, travelers may find themselves wondering about the differences among them. Especially for those wanting to sail with Heritage Line Cruises, choosing between The Jahan and The Jayavarman can take some time. Are there any deciding factors that help you select the best ship for your upcoming trip? Check out our list of basic differences between these two vessels from Mekong River Cruises.



Heritage Line Cruises

Heritage Line offers two distinct boutique vessels, The Jahan and The Jayavarman Cruise, as part of their premium collection on the Lower Mekong River between Vietnam and Cambodia. Both cruise ships provide a refined atmosphere, colonial elegance, comfort, and unique appeal.



On 3-night, 4-night, and 7-night cruise itineraries between Saigon and Siem Reap, passengers will enjoy the beautiful green scenery, historic temples, and quaint village life of Vietnam and Cambodia.

Differences Between The Jahan and The Jayavarman

Cruise Criteria

The Jahan: First launch 2011     

The Jayavarman: First launch 2009

Vessel Style

The Jahan: British-Indian Colonial

The Jayavarman: French-Colonial with Khmer artifacts



No. of Cabins

The Jahan: 26 cabins (4 cabin categories)

The Jayavarman: 27 cabins (3 cabin categories)

Cabin Types

The Jahan:

12 Superior (30 sqm + balcony) and 8 Deluxe (30 sqm + balcony)

4 Signature Suite (32-36 sqm + balcony) and 2 Noble Suite (51 sqm + balcony)

The Jayavarman:

14 Superior (20 sqm + balcony) and 11 Deluxe (23 sqm + balcony) and 2 Signature Suite (27 sqm + balcony)




The Jahan: All cabins on The Jahan Cruise can be set up with an extra bed.

The Jayavarman: No cabin can be set up with an extra bed on The Jayavarman Cruise.


The Jahan: Viceroy Dining Hall - East India Club - The Raj of India Lobby Lounge - Observatory Lounge - Apsara Spa - Pool & Terrace Deck - Fitness Room and Steam Room

The Jayavarman: Indochine Dining Hall - Club 1930 Bar & Lounge - Henry Mouhot Lobby Lounge - Apsara Spa -  Sun Deck & Pool



In terms of price, The Jahan Cruise seems to be somewhat more costly than The Jayavarman. However, if you are traveling in a group of three, The Jahan will help you save money since you may share a cabin, which is not permitted on The Jayavarman Cruise.

Both ships of the Heritage Line are elegant and distinctive in design. They offer comfort, coziness, and a distinguished colonial charm that is enhanced by fine art. There's just one thing: the flagship Jahan is a bit more expensive due to its spacious size, number of suites, and facilities. So, choose whatever best fits your budget and preferences. Please get in touch with our Mekong River Cruise experts if you would like more details about the cruises and exclusive offers.

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