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Cai Be's Pop Rice: An Unmissable Treat for Mekong River Cruise Trips

Each Mekong River cruise trip will offer tons of natural and cultural experiences, and when it comes to the vast Mekong Delta, you cannot miss out on the emerald rice fields and their related products. In this article, we’ll unveil an authentic experience of rice that ensures your voyage is a memorable chapter in your travelogue.



The Rice Culture in the Mekong Delta

Commonly known as Vietnam's “Rice Bowl'', the agriculturally-rich Mekong Delta plays an important role in making the country one of the world's leading producers and exporters of rice. In fact, more than 80% of the region's inhabitants are involved in rice farming or a related business. With such an abundance of this staple, rice is frequently consumed in all meals of Vietnamese people, either traditionally or as rice-based delicacies such as noodles, pancakes, dumplings, or wine.



How to Make Crispy Puffed Rice

Crispy puffed rice is a traditional snack in the Delta, available in a variety of flavors. And any visitor passing through the area should not miss the opportunity to observe its intriguing production process.

This age-old technique of making pop-rice involves first adding whole grains of rice, including the husk, to a huge wok-shaped pot, covering it with black Mekong River sand, and placing it over a fire. The rice then bursts into an eye- and ear-catching, explosive display when the worker stirs the combination.

Afterwards, the puffed rice is filtered through mesh screens to remove the black sand and the leftover rice husks, which are used as fire fuel later.



Next, the crispy kernels are transferred to a different wok and mixed with a sweet binding agent. This pre-made syrup's default ingredients are water and sugar, but they also add caramel, green tea, ginger, coconut milk, or peanuts to create a variety of flavors. Two craftsmen then quickly blended the rice and liquid sugar together using large, wooden spatulas.

While it’s still hot, the finished mixture is flattened into a rectangle frame by a metal rolling pin. Lastly, it is cut into square pieces and packaged for sale.


Visit Cai Be’s Rice Specialty Workshop

In the lush Mekong Delta, there is a wealth of rice and candy workshops that welcome visitors with open arms. While each factory may manufacture their own specialty, travelers to the Thanh Tri workshop in Cai Be town can watch the whole process of making coconut candy, rice paper, rice wine, and, of course, crispy puffed rice.

This is a popular tourist attraction that passengers on a 2-day tour of any lower Mekong River Cruises can visit. You will discover Cai Be by local sampan boat through a network of canals, explore a floating market, pass the town’s church, then come ashore and stop by this enchanting workshop.



A Mekong River cruise is more than simply a tour; it's an expedition through Southeast Asia's cultural and natural wonders. From immense rice paddies to traditional workshops, these cruises provide a slice of the local life and culture. If exploring riverside hamlets and towns sounds like your thing, let's contact our Mekong River Cruise experts for great deals and detailed information.

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