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New On-shore Cruise Program on Heritage Line's Lower Mekong River Cruises

Despite its apparent simplicity, a cruise product is a tremendously complex topic. It entails a distinct touring program of onshore experiences as the software and meticulous ship design as the hardware, plus comprehensive hotel operations, top-notch F&B, and high-end hospitality services expected of any 5-star property.



Understanding that crafting excellent itineraries and bespoke on-shore experiences for guests in every port of call is crucial to cruise product management, and with respect to the treasure trove of discovery in the Lower Mekong River, spanning Vietnam and Cambodia, Heritage Line has focused on improving their cruise itinerary and program on Heritage Line The Jahan and Heritage Line Jayavarman, which are unsurpassed on this mighty river in terms of distinctiveness and authenticity.



1. New Program in the Mekong Delta

Tan Phong Island

Tan Phong Island, located in the heart of the vast Mekong River, provides a real slice of Delta River life. While a visit to an intriguing local workshop in Cai Be remains to see how numerous rice products are manufactured, most of the tour will be spent on Tan Phong Island. Guests can immerse themselves in real river life, stroll around fruit orchards, sample local tropical fruits, walk along small island paths, and stop by a family-run water hyacinth workshop.



Tan Chau

Tan Chau, a key site for learning about the Mekong Delta's fishing industry, now provides a one-of-a-kind experience with a Cao Dai priest at a Cao Dai temple. Guests can gain insight into Caodaism, an intriguing fusion of Buddhism, Confucianism, and Taoism.



2. New Program in Phnom Penh

Strongly tied to Cambodian cultural and historical events, this capital city is always an enchanting destination to discover. Heritage Line’s exploration there still includes the moving Tuol Sleng Museum, which provides a glimpse into the Khmer Rouge era, but the visit to the Killing Fields (a Khmer Rouge mass grave outside town of 45 minutes driving) has been replaced by more interesting historical activities and sightseeing, such as a guided tour of Cambodia's history and legacy at the Sosoro Museum, a leisurely stroll around the French Quarter for colonial charm, or an onboard expert lecture by Dr. Him Sophy, who offers a firsthand insight on the country’s tragic era.



3. New Program in the Tonle Region

The new upstream cruise itinerary will include an excursion to Koh Chen's silvercraft village. Guests will pay a visit to a family that supplies the royal court in Phnom Penh with excellent silverware. The cruises also stop at the Tonle River's new port of Kampong Laeang (which has replaced Kampong Chhnang), a wonderfully pristine area to see local pottery making and get a sense of Cambodia's rural heartland.



4. New Program in Cambodian Mekong

Prek Bangkong

Prek Bangkong, a small village well-known for its silk weaving, will replace Okna Tey in the new program. There, guests can learn about the silk production process from local weavers and visit the historic house of H.E. Sam-El, a famous architect for the royal family. The cruise line next leads to Kampong Cham for a tour of some great local handicrafts and artisanry. This region is also especially crucial for Cambodia's agricultural trade in vegetables and tobacco.



Stueng Trang

Stueng Trang is a new embarkation/disembarkation port that shortens travel times to/from Siem Reap by 30 minutes during low-water cruise operations (mid-November to mid-August).



From the hectic and active Mekong Delta to the cultural tapestry of Phnom Penh, from the biodiverse Tonle Region to the tranquil and picturesque areas along the Cambodian Mekong, the enhanced river voyage with Heritage Line offers unparalleled experiences unlike any other. For a detailed daily program and attractive deals on Heritage Line’s cruises, please contact our Mekong River Cruise travel consultants.


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