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9 Reasons To Take A Lower Mekong River Cruise

The vast Lower Mekong Delta is a hub of nature, history, culture, and gastronomy. And the best way to experience this iconic waterway is by sailing on a river cruise. The vessel will meander its way through the breathtaking splendors of Vietnam and Cambodia, and beyond the banks are traces of a turbulent past, ancient customs, and inspiring historical sites. If you still hesitate to take a trip down, read our post and find out more reasons to cruise in Southeast Asia.



1. A Great Value

Even though a Mekong River cruise seems expensive at first, most things are included in the price, so travelers won't have to pay much while they're on board, such as onshore excursions and transportation, full-board dining, WiFi, and Internet access. Some river cruises provide an included drink package on their programs, and they also let the gratuities be up to the guest's choice and satisfaction level.



2. Easy Check-In/ Check-Out

Checking in and out of a Mekong River cruise ship is a smooth process. Simply show your documentation to the reception and receive the room key to your opulent floating room. The cruise’s tour guide will meet guests at the off-site meeting place for embarkation ports (Saigon and Siem Reap, for instance) when a transfer to the ship is necessary. The staff will take your bags and carry them directly to your cabins. Check-out procedures follow the same protocol when passengers disembark. The entire check-in and check-out process is rather simple and comfortable, starting from the very first touch point until the end.



3. An Intimate Voyage

Mekong River cruises are usually small vessels with a capacity of 40-50 passengers. Some can host even less; for example, RV Mekong Princess Cruise has only 14 cabins to carry a maximum of 28 guests. This means each guest will experience a truly exclusive and intimate voyage with plenty of individual or personal attention. The crew will keep in mind your name and preferences from your first interaction. Lasting friendships are frequently formed among guests and after a day or two, it really does seem like family travel.



4. Unpack Once

Probably one of the best-kept secrets of longer river cruises is that your floating room sails with you. When traveling, don't we all experience the daily unpacking and repacking our suitcases from one hotel to another? Set all of that aside when taking a river cruise trip. For a week or longer, you will only unpack once and arrange your stuff like you moving in. Everything seems at ease and easygoing, allowing you to focus entirely on the outdoor adventures. Most vessels also provide laundry facilities and services onboard.



5. Cruise In Comfort

The accommodations aboard lower Mekong river cruise ships are often spacious and well-appointed, ranging from 20 square meters (215 square feet) to 50 square meters (538 square feet). Most staterooms are equipped with individual climate control to fight the occasionally humid circumstances, and all the facilities you would expect from a hotel, such as a huge walk-in shower, bathrobes, sandals, and mini-bars, contributing to the refined living experience. Furthermore, most cruises provide large windows in all outside-facing rooms, and some even come with a French balcony or a private balcony.



6. Fine Dining

While cuisine will differ according on the cruise line, dining on board is always a highlight and an exceptional experience. Passengers will have a great chance to savor delectable, locally-sourced delights from Vietnam and Cambodia, as well as international favorites. Fresh local ingredients and high-quality imported foods are loaded on board each day. Lunch and dinner menus vary each day, and daily breakfast buffet has an abundance of delicious offerings. And best of it all – the sumptuous full board is included in the cruise price!



7. Onboard Activities

A Mekong river cruise offers an experience that is never boring. Throughout the voyage, the crew and onboard tour guides provide the guests with a wide range of engaging activities, such as educational lectures, workshops, cocktail parties, cooking classes, and fascinating cultural displays! In addition, there are many of amenities available on Heritage Line The Jahan or Heritage Line Jayavarman Cruise, such as a spa and passage, Jacuzzi pools, library, bars and lounges where you can make new friends.



8. Diverse Experiences

There is perhaps no better way to explore the mighty Mekong from the inside out than by a river cruise. Every day, there are a number of ports of call or stops and each excursion is well-aligned and integrated, helping visitors create connections between two destinations. Travelers on the Mekong river cruises can gather a rainbow of experiences on-shore: visiting far-flung areas, witnessing and learning about new cultural customs, experiencing hidden natural occurrences, or just happening onto a deep conversation or unexpected giggle with locals.



9. Daily Changing Riverine Sceneries

Apart from the above mentioned factors, one of the main reasons to take a lower Mekong river cruise is unquestionably the ever-changing scenery that passes by every minute. Not all guests delight in off-the-ship excitements, some would love to stay in their cabins and gaze at the landscapes. On this cruising mode, passengers will enjoy watching continuously changing backdrops, feeling the slow-motion travel pace, the sturdy sailing of small ships – all make it like a “best-of” travel documentary about the most important river in Southeast Asia.



There are more reasons why we should cruise through the Lower Mekong at least once and no matter which cruise you choose, you’ll voyage in complete comfort. If you feel interested in a Mekong River Cruise trip, don’t hesitate to contact our experts to find out the best cruises and deals for your next holiday in Southeast Asia. Bon voyage!

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