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New Culinary & Cycling Excursions on Heritage Line's Lower Mekong River Cruise

Starting in early 2024, Heritage Line will introduce new optional and themed tours on its lower Mekong River cruises, including The Jahan and The Jayavarman. On typical cruise itineraries from 3-, 4-, to 7- nights, passengers will enjoy a variety of on-shore expeditions focused on cultural, historical, or artisan topics that offer fascinating insights into many facets of Vietnam and Cambodia.



New Culinary Experience in Mekong

For foodies visiting the lower Mekong River, culinary-themed excursions at some ports of call offer a hands-on experience with the authentic cuisines of Vietnam and Cambodia. Escorted by a local English-speaking guide, passengers can explore the towns’ markets and try purchasing fresh ingredients, visit local family houses, prepare a meal with the hosts, and enjoy traditional delicacies together. These trips provide a true taste of regional food in a friendly atmosphere. After departing from a luxury cruise down the mighty Mekong, one will know what "Nom Kruak" and "Samlor Korko" are.



These gastronomic journeys are complementary and do not require any reservations in advance. On the ground, guests can choose between a cultural default trip and a food outing, both of which will be done in groups.

Note: The culinary-themed excursions are only available with cruise bookings aboard the Heritage Line’s The Jayavarman.


New Cycling Experience in Mekong

Passengers interested in a more active discovery can pedal through off-the-beaten-path trails to learn about the land, people, and intriguing local attractions. The bike excursions are led by a local English-speaking guide and equipped with professional bicycles, safety devices, and catering. Cycle along small, paved paths and immerse yourself in the lush landscapes of the Mekong Delta and the local way of life in picturesque Khmer villages. Average bicycling distances vary from 10 to 20 kilometers on mostly flat terrain, requiring only a basic level of fitness.



Cycling excursions are conducted in small groups of two to six guests and must be pre-booked as an add-on service to the cruise booking (3-, 4-, or 7-nights). Each trip is subject to a surcharge that begins at 280 USD per person for the 3- or 4-night itinerary. The entire and most popular 7-night itinerary from Saigon to Siem Reap (and vice versa) includes eight bike trips that replace the default group excursion.

Note: All bicycle excursions are only available with cruise bookings aboard the Heritage Line’s The Jahan.



Please see the detailed itineraries for Heritage Line’s lower Mekong cruises here:

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With new optional excursions, Heritage Line put the icing on the cake to an already fabulous cruising voyage. Travelers can now personalize and tailor their own experience on the tranquil Mekong River with exhilarating and engaging side trips. If these activities sound like your thing, let’s contact our consultants for more information and great deals on Mekong River cruise.


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