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How Much Does A Mekong River Cruise Cost?

The mighty Mekong River offers a charming collection of cruises, from deluxe to luxury, across Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, and part of southern Thailand. Each voyage is available for 1–10 nights at various prices. If you’re wondering which river cruise will fit your budget, let us share some pricing information you need to know for a wonderful trip in Southeast Asia.



1. Deluxe Mekong River Cruise Prices

Most Deluxe Mekong River Cruises now operate tours lasting 2-4 days with 1-2 nights of sleeping on board. You can consider the following itineraries:

- Tour 2 days/3 days Saigon – Cai Be – Can Tho – Saigon

- Tour 2 days/3 days Saigon – Phu Quoc or vice versa

- Tour 3 days/4 days Saigon – Phnom Penh or vice versa (with 1 night of sleeping at a hotel)



With one of these programs, travelers can fully discover the enchanting destinations of Vietnam’s Mekong Delta. The most popular and favored deluxe vessels are the Mekong Eyes Classic Cruise, the Mekong Eyes Explorer Cruise, the 2-cabin Dragon Eyes Cruise, and the 1-cabin Gecko Eyes Cruise.

A 2-day tour will cost about 230 USD per person, about 420 USD per person for a 3-day tour, and ~ 500 USD per person for a 4-day tour.


2. Luxury Mekong River Cruise Prices

The segment of luxurious Mekong River Cruises is bigger, with a variety of prices. They usually range from about 1500 USD per person for a 4-day short cruise, 1700 USD per person for a 5-day tour, and 2800 USD per person for an 8-day tour.

The most chosen river vessels are Heritage Line The Jahan, Heritage Line The Jayavarman, RV Mekong Pandaw Cruise, RV Mekong Princess Cruise, and RV Mekong Victoria Cruise.



Tourists can refer to the below cruise itineraries:

- Tour 4 days Saigon – Phnom Penh or vice versa

- Tour 5 days Phnom Penh – Siem Reap or vice versa

- Tour 8 days Saigon – Siem Reap or vice versa

Please be noted that the prices vary significantly depending on your cruise time (peak or low season) or the number of onboard guests.


3. Tips for a Better Deal and a Wonderful River Journey

Here are some suggestions to save money and enjoy a great Mekong River trip:

Early Booking

To save money on your Mekong River cruise, you should book your cabins early. Firstly, most cruise lines will offer early bird discounts for customers who book several months in advance. Secondly, unlike Halong Bay Cruise, which has hundreds of cruise options, the number of Mekong River cruise vessels is fewer, and your favorite one may be fully booked sooner in the peak season. So, to secure your cabins, you should make a reservation early to have more time to plan and prepare for your voyage.



Price Comparison

With many Mekong River cruise lines to select from, it's critical to conduct research and compare pricing before making a booking. Look for discounts and promotions, such as early bird, return guests, and special occasions, as well as guest reviews, to get a sense of the level of service provided by each company.



All-Inclusive Packages

All-inclusive packages with meals, beverages, and excursions will be the best option for your Mekong River cruise. Though these packages may be more expensive initially, they can save you money on a long cruise because you will not have to pay for additional expenditures while on board.

Group Travel

Consider traveling in a group with your friends or family, as many cruise operators offer group discounts, which can lower the overall cost of your vacation.



Travel Time

Your travel time will also affect the prices. The dry season (October–April) with cool temperatures and less rain will be the peak season too, so the prices are higher. Meanwhile, the rainy season (May–September) is the low season that offers lush green scenery and fewer visitors. Just follow your preferences and interests.



With deluxe and luxury cruise options, the price of a Mekong River cruise trip can range from affordable to expensive. If you feel a little confused, just prepare your budget first, then contact our travel consultants, who are cruise experts in Southeast Asia, for the best offers and attractive promotions.

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