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Pak Lai, Laos

A voyage through the land-locked nation of Laos along the mighty Mekong River can take tourists to many magical destinations, both popular and less-known landmarks. One of the most captivating of those is Pak Lai. Pak Lai is a lovely colonial French town in Sainyabuli Province, in the west of Laos, which is famous for its free walking trips through the rainforest and the interesting elephant festival held annually in the region.
At the first look, Pak Lai is likely to be a typical village-like area of local homes in other countryside of Laos and have little to detain travelers. However, if you take your time discovering around, the town can itself be a wonder to witness. Stretching five kilometers of Route four, Pak Lai is a bustling river port and also an almost unavoidable stop on many Mekong River Cruise itineraries, especially the offbeat route between Loei in Thailand and the Sainyabuli province. Exploring north to south, the main attraction of the town you should not miss out is Wat Sisavang. It is a Buddhist temple with a gaudily ornate bell tower and gateway, where visitors can enjoy the tranquil atmosphere and meet some older monks. Crossing a picturesque wooden bridge, you can take a stroll around the quaint town, admiring a plethora of colonial historic buildings in French style and wandering throughout the small yet vibrant  market for a glimpse of local life.
Besides, Pak Lai is home to a considerable number of elephants, and every year in mid February, there is a fascinating Elephant festival in the town with the participation of many locals and tourists alike. Here, you can see elephant parades and demonstrations for two days, as well as enjoy some of the finest local dishes and Lao beers. All in all, Pak Lai is a stunning town worthwhile a visit when you’re in Laos.

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RV Champa Pandaw Cruise

 Style:     Launched: 2016    Rooms: 14

 Have chance to admire the natural beauty of Laos and Thai Land on luxurious cruise. 

 Enjoy 5 -star services during 11-day cruise with affordable price

 Ideal cruise for visitors who would like to discover the life on Mekong river along Thailand and Laos. 

 Visit to the opium museum in the Golden Triangle

 Have chance to take part in the largest elephant festival in South East Asia, usually in February

 Visit the jungle pools and dramatic Khaung Si waterfall, a butterfly garden and elephant camp

 Explore of the delightful French city in Laos.

 Be the first river expedition since pre war days to cross all Laos.


Vientiane to Chiang Saen

Year Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
2022 0902, 291607, 2908, 30
2022 19, 2110, 12, 1404, 06, 2602, 291607, 2908, 30
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RV Laos Pandaw Cruise

 Style: Modern    Launched: 2015    Rooms: 10

 Have chance to admire the natural beauty of Laos and Thai Land on luxurious cruise. 

 Enjoy 5 -star services during cruise journey with affordable price

 Ideal cruise for visitors who would like to discover the life on Mekong river along Thailand and Laos. 

 Visit tribal villages and explore into jungle and countryside

 Discover the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Luang Prabang

 Be the first river expedition since pre war days to cross all Laos

 Enjoy traditional Laos dancing on the upper deck late afternoon

 Exploring the unique Pak Ou Caves, a Buddhist sanctuary with spectacular limestone cliff faces


Vientiane to Chiang Saen

Year Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
2022 19, 2110, 12, 14160727181001, 2328, 30
2022 19, 2110, 12, 1404, 06, 260727181001, 2328, 30
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