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Hong Ngu, Vietnam

Hong Ngu (Hồng Ngự in Vietnamese) is a popular Mekong River cruise port and a district-level (Class-3) town in Vietnam’s Dong Thap Province. Situated in the north with a convenient location to Cambodia, this district offers tourists a lot of things to do and see.

Bordering Preyveng Province (Cambodia) in the north, Hong Ngu District is one of some upstream places of the Tien River when flowing into Vietnam; therefore, this place comes so vibrant during the high-water season with many sampans and ships cruising its waterways. As a cruise port, it is also the vantage point to see the noticeable changes of scenery from dry arid landscape in Cambodia to lush green rice paddies in the Mekong Delta.
If you’re on a Mekong River Cruise holiday, it’s highly recommended to spend some time in Hong Ngu district. The waterfront town of Hong Ngu is a great place to admire the splendor of Mekong River and see the daily life of local people. There, you can choose to visit a lot of attractions, such as Hong Ngu Market, Food Market, Thien Quang Pagoda, or An Binh Temple. Meanwhile, the local island village of Hong Ngu is an unparalleled site to experience the authentic lifestyle of people in the South of Vietnam. After a sampan ride to the village, you can walk around and visit some local homes with your tour guide. The villagers are really friendly and welcoming, and most of them earn a living from producing traditional Khmer scarves, weaving and embroidering. This excursion is an excellent chance to be up close and personal with the culture and people of Southern Vietnam.

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RV Mekong Princess Cruise

 Style: Boutique    Launched: 2015    Rooms: 14

 Departing from Saigon port. 

 Mekong cruise with charming French-colonial design style

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 Utilizing the highest-quality all-natural Bodia SpaTM products

 Viet Princess Cruises Culinary Director is originally from Europe and the onboard Head Chef calls Cambodia home

 Complimentary Organic Coffee, Herbal Teas, Mineral Water, Soft Drinks, Local Beers, Local Spirits, and Free-Flow House Wine (House Wine with Dinners only) are included

 Series of Cultural Performances, Educational Talks and Cooking Classes 


Saigon - Phnom Penh

Year Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
2023 26239, 236181, 15, 2913, 2310, 2471902, 16, 301428
2024 112508220721041630132711250822051903173114281226
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Phnom Penh - Saigon

Year Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
2023 72341, 152710, 248, 225, 19214, 2811, 250923
2024 062003170216301325082206200317311428122609230721
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Saigon - Siem Reap

Year Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
2023 262309, 23062715, 2913, 2710, 2407, 2114, 2802, 301428
2024 112508220721041630132711250822051903173114281226
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Siem Reap - Saigon

Year Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
2023 05233013272206, 2003, 17, 3114, 2812, 2609, 230721
2024 041801152914281123062004180115291226102407210519
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