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Mekong River Cruises: Diverse Onboard Entertainment

When sailing with Mekong River Cruises, you are not required to participate in all shore excursions. You can stay on the ship all day and life on board is never boring. In fact, each cruise line offers a variety of exciting activities that keep passengers busy or relaxing every day, from lectures, movies, to cooking classes and traditional experiences. Here is a list of onboard entertainment you may enjoy during a Mekong River voyage.



1. Cooking Class

In-depth knowledge of the ingredients required in the making of both Vietnamese and Khmer signature dishes is provided via a practical and educational cooking lesson on many Mekong River Cruises. Professional chefs onboard are always willing to share their expertise with their audience. You can also bring home a beautiful and thorough cookbook with recipes for various local specialties to cook at home while remembering your unforgettable vacation.



2. Movie Nights

Several cruise ships provide an indoor theater or a “floating cinema” on the observation deck for a movie night. Your Mekong River journey will be enhanced with all-time classic films about this exotic region and award-winning documentaries on the diverse cultures to meet along the adventure. Settle in with a glass of wine and enjoy a unique night with pleasant movies.



3. Apsara Dance Show

The Cambodian Apsara Dance is a traditional dance performance and symbolic of Khmer culture that was once reserved only for royalty and their special guests or for ceremonies and festivals. This classical dance is nowadays available on many Mekong River Cruises to admire. Along with enthralling the audience with their intricate costumes and delicate hand movements, the Apsara dancers also gracefully narrate tales or religious stories that have their roots in Hindu and Buddhist mythology.



4. Expert Lecture

Expert lecture is a special class on some Mekong River Cruises that help you know more about Cambodia. Like on The Jahan or Jayavarman Cruise, you will have an interesting and captivating talk with Mr. Jean-Michel, a resident of Cambodia for many years and is a Phnom Penh university professor. He shares historical and first-hand information on modern Cambodia, from the time before the war to the present. A highlight of the lecture is the live Q&A session that follows.



5. Boutique Shop

The boutique shop offers a carefully curated range of local products that are typically difficult to find in markets or shops in Vietnam and Cambodia, including high-end silk, handcrafted goods, and simple keepsakes to commemorate this adventure along one of the world's most thrilling rivers.



6. Library

Most cruise ships will feature a small library that is well-stocked with enjoyable reads, namely periodicals, newspapers, coffee table books, photo books, and novels. There are also some board games available.



7. Farewell Party

Time for goodbye is not a sad event on Mekong River Cruises. Instead, the staff are eager to mingle and make a few fun recollections with their new companion. Enjoy a party and raise your glass in the champagne toast with other friends. You can also learn how to dance Khmer style from your new onboard family.



8. Monk Blessing

The traditional monk blessing is a special experience to remember during your Mekong River exploration. Monks from the area will join on the boat to do a special and meaningful ritual. From that, you will learn about the specific features of this ancient custom and participate in this one-of-a-kind and divine practice on board.



9. River Bank Cocktail Party

Leave the ship to go to a fun party by the river’s edge with yummy snacks and drinks, music and fun activities. Let's find out who the best dancers among the staff and guests during this exciting event on the journey.



10. Open Bridge

The Mekong River is not easy for the captains to navigate. Feel free to visit the bridge, also known as the wheelhouse, and meet the deckhands who make sure you stay safe during the whole trip. They are happy to welcome you and answer any questions you have about cruising on the powerful Mekong River. A fun place, especially for kids.



11. Educational Presentations

The tour guides on the ship will give talks to teach guests about the countries you visit during the trip. Also, you can participate in a fun and educational "fashion show" where the guide will explain the traditional clothing worn by the staff.



Each Mekong River Cruise will offer different activities on board. From food shows to educational lectures, there is always something to your taste. If you feel interested in one specific entertainment, please contact our cruise expert to find the best cruise choice and deals for your vacation.

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