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Notes for a Great Cruising Trip on Mekong River

You are going to plan for cruise on Mekong River but be bewildered by a lot of information and articles. Let Mekong River Cruise experts help you plan a perfect trip on Mekong River with the notes for you:

1. Weather & what should you bring on board

Regularly check local weather forecast to prepare suitable clothes for your trip.

Bring some necessary items: sunglasses, sun block, wide brim hat, insect repellents, warm clothes (in winter) and never forget your camera to save your memorable time in Mekong Delta Tours

2. Special Diet

Well note your special diet requirement (if any) to avoid allergy.

3. What should not bring on ship

Passengers are not allowed to bring on board things listed as below: Intoxicating liquors, Beverages, Firearms, Any kind of weapons, Ammunition, Explosive substances, Any kind of animals. 

4. Luggage

Check your value things all stuffs on your carry luggage before leaving hotel. Make sure you don’t forget anything at hotel. 
You should bring with you the necessary ones, as there is not much space on shuttle bus and the cabin.

If you have the flight/train after cruising and you have to transfer directly to Airport or train station, please kindly check your luggage carefully before leaving hotel or cruise and make sure you bring your entire luggage with you.

5. Gratuities

We suggest tipping 2-4 USD per passenger per day if you are satisfied with the service on board. Please note that guests are under no obligation to offer gratuities. Some cruises, tips are included.

6. Carsick & Seasick

For carsick passengers: well noted with cruise to arrange the most comfortable front seats.
For seasick passengers: The water on Mekong River is calm. Therefore, it is hard to get seasick.

7. Note for kids

With customer who will travel with kids, please bring some candy, cakes, snacks or child food for your children in case the food on cruise may not suitable for your child. 

If you have any questions about the Mekong River Cruises, Please don't hesitate to send us your requests. We are the locals, always here to help you with the best offers & best price guarantee!

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