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Mekong Princess Cruise: a truly luxurious river cruise through Vietnam & Cambodia

After many considerations, we have decided to discover the Mekong Delta through Vietnam & Cambodia by a river cruise, not a land tour and we have chosen the Mekong Princess Cruise for our trip, luckily we were happy with our decision. Mekong Princess Cruise, a fabulous cruise and a memorable, unforgettable trip of a lifetime.



We cruised along the river upstream from Ho Chi Minh city (Vietnam) to Siem Reap(Cambodia). Before joining the trip, we received an email from Mr. Eric Christopher, the Cruise Director to give us so many details information, not only about the cruise, but also the destination we will come, the map of Ho Chi Minh city, where is recommended to visit and which food we should try, an advance welcome which can’t make us feel more warm and taken care.



We were picked up directly at our hotel and transferred to the cruise, just about 10 minutes which is not more convenient enough. And from the moment we stepped onboard, we knew that we had chosen the perfect cruise fine for our adventure. We were treated like royalty by amazing staff who went above and beyond to ensure all of our detailed requests are satisfied.



The cruise is small with only 14 suites, however there are a total 32 crew members to greet us, 25 guests onboard, a big smile, cold perfume towels and welcome drinks at the first step and then direct us to the cozy lounge for the welcome formality. The safety briefing is followed to lead by Mr. Eric Christopher and many useful information on what will be waited for us during the ahead week. We are so amazing.



We were then taken individually by a crew member to our colonial suite and were explained all the details we needed to know to settle properly. We were surprised that our luggage was already in the suite and on the luggage mat, a small detail but really important. A warm welcome letter with our name is put on the bed with detailed information of activities of the day, what is a sweet welcome and a perfect first impression. We have chosen Apsara Suite, even the middle category of the ship, it’s very spacious with a lot of storage space, a table with 2 chairs facing to the river, a makeup table and a very comfortable European standard mattress. We stepped into the bathroom and it was amazing with a panoramic view of the river, a massive rain shower and other facilities with real gold cover. Our amazing friend didn't end up being informed that the mini bar is filled up complimentary everyday with beer, soda and mineral water.



We went to the Dining Room and the lunch buffet was ready on the table, the ship set sail right away. We enjoyed lunch and saw the bustling Saigon River pass by. Selection free flow of soda, alcohol, local beers, coffee, tea and mineral water are served during the meal. A cozy and comfortable dining room makes all of the guests on the ship feel as a family from the first day we were onboard, we sat together and talked about ourselves, about our trip before the cruise. In the afternoon, we enjoyed the leisure day in our suite to see the beautiful scenery pass by, the local daily life and activities of local people were shown closely and directly in front of our eyes.



After enjoying the beautiful sunset from the sundeck with a cocktail, we came to the lounge for the daily port talk which was led by Mr, Eric Christopher, the Cruise Director. We were informed about our activities for tomorrow. We were all eager for that. The dinner is followed with some house wine and we have closed the first day by a move in the suite.



Our following days have come through with two excursions per day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. It was informed by Mr. Eric that this cruise is so special; it has suitable static height and width that allow us to come to some traditional places which other bigger ones can't. Our destination includes some local villages where we can see the actual daily life of local people, we can join to try their activities or learn how to do their daily works; it also includes some historical places where we can learn about the history and the culture of Vietnam and Cambodia through some periods. Through the excursion, we had the chance to try some of transportations which we have never seen in our country. The ones I like best are “xe loi” in Vietnam and cyclo in Cambodia. When you are on these transportations, you can enjoy the fresh air around and have a close and direct view of the daily life of local people. It was really exciting. For us, the excursion is a wonderful experience, very informative and thoughtful.



The crew onboard were so excellent, it seems there is no word enough to describe their friendliness, their hospitality and their professionalism. “No details are too small, no request is too large” is not just a slogan here but an actual fact. Your name seems automatically remembered in their mind from their first sight. Every time that we entered the Dining room, 3 times per day, we were welcomed by the happiest crew, we seemed to laugh and love being with our friends that served us. We were highly impressed with Cham, he always kept our spirits high by letting us know that we are wonderful, superb, and all of our meals are filled with a lot of fun. The crew onboard is one of the reasons to make our trip become more fantastic.



We especially like the company’s commitment to improve the lives of the people along the Mekong by eliminating plastic use and supporting various charities and organizations. Just one example, children from an orphanage are able to perform dance routines onboard. Not only do they really enjoy performing, it provides a means of collecting desperately needed funds in a way that promotes self-worth and dignity.



In conclusion, we highly recommend the Mekong Princess cruise, and the team led by Mr. Eric Christopher, the Cruise Director, for anyone looking for an unforgettable, luxurious, and personalized experience on the Mekong River. Overall, the trip has been a fabulous experience, and has been worth every penny. Can’t recommend it strongly enough.

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