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Highlights making Heritage Line The Jahan Cruise different

Among the number of cruises on Mekong River, Heritage Line The Jahan Cruise , launched in 2011, is always a name to remember for everyone planning trip to Mekong River cruise. The following outstanding features that make Heritage Line The Jahan Cruise extraordinary.

1. Indian art & Khmer architecture


Indian art & Khmer architecture creates romantic style on RV JaHeritage Line The Jahan Cruise, which you will not see on other cruises on Mekong River. Step on board, you will be overwhelmed by generous decoration everywhere. All cabins on the ship are in bright tones. The talents of local woodworkers, weavers and artists made decorations from the interior to exterior of this vessel meticulously.

Furthermore, guests  can relax at the boutique Brish - Indian lobby lounge, elegant Viceroy Dining Hall, the East India Club or Enjoy exquisite romance and privacy as the Apsara Spa. 

2. All cabins have PRIVATE balcony

If you are finding the cabin with private balcony to get wonderful experiences during the trip, Heritage Line The Jahan Cruise is an ideal suggestion.  All cabins on this one have PRIVATE large balcony minimum 4sqm not French balcony or corridor on other cruises. Instead of staying in a cabin with window only, which seems like you’re inside a box, you will have a chance to step out, take a deep breath with fresh air like your own room at home. 

Sometimes, you like private place with your honey, private balcony is ideal one. You can take time at your private balcony, just to take a nap and enjoy scenery without any disturbance. You can even arrange a private dinner if you want to have a special meal. Balcony in a room will be great idea for guests who wish to have more privacy, especially for couples who are enjoying honeymoon

3. Gym and steam bath available

The other outstanding on the Jahan is gym and steam bath is always available onboard. Burn away all those extra calories at our gym and steam bath. The bath is a marvelous way to relax with your partner in steamy privacy. Offering exceptional service, comfort and style, the Jahan offers luxurious experience after another. 

If you are looking for a tour on Mekong River with special details and excellent service, don’t miss a chance to travel with our Mekong River Cruises!
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