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Fantastic Wellness Facilities on Mekong River Cruises

It’s never boring on board Mekong River Cruises. Apart from entertainment activities, each cruise ship offers a variety of wellness amenities that ensure every second on board an amazing experience to treasure. Come to seek happiness and pleasure in life via the following wellness highlights you might enjoy on Mekong River Cruises.



1. Spa Treatments

Almost every cruise ship on the Mekong River houses a wonderful spa room where you can allow yourself to be pampered in therapeutic relaxation. The spaces are designed with privacy and serenity in mind leading guests to a calming quietude oasis with the exceedingly advanced quality experience. Skilled therapists will soothe your aches and relax your senses with a wide range of services, including body massage options, facials and nail treatments, and using natural skincare products. Whether you are looking for a relaxing massage after a day in the Mekong, or just want to relax your muscles, make a booking with your cruise manager and enjoy your time.



2. Morning Tai Chi

When sailing with Mekong River Cruises, early risers usually begin a new day by soaking up the beauty of the mighty river with a session of Tai Chi. This ancient Asian form of physical and mental exercise is a great way to open your eyes before a leisurely breakfast. Every morning the cruise staff hosts a session in an "out-of-the-way" location, making it a daily inspiring and meditative experience on the ship's terrace deck.



3. Fitness Room

Want to work out with a river view at the best modern fitness facility? Mekong River Cruises have you covered. Many Mekong cruise lines take guests’ health as their top priority, so they invest in state-of-the-art fitness rooms where passengers can relax and recharge after a day of adventures. Designed in minimalism style and intelligent architecture, these free social spaces are comprehensively equipped with the essential machines and weights, making it easy for exercisers to keep up the positive routine during the voyage.



4. Steam Bath

Whether you’re looking for relief from aches and pains after a workout at the floating gym, or just want to relax with your partner in a steamy private space - the small steam bath room can be used at any time and is free of charge.



5. Jacuzzi Pool & Sunbathing

If you’re keen on an onboard swimming experience, take a look at The Jahan. The Jacuzzi pool is open from the morning to the evening, and its position on the upper deck means it’s the place where it all happens: mingling, drinking at the bar and admiring local river life - or just taking a dip in the pool (or lounging in the pool with the built in seating) and enjoying a continuous flow of the Mekong water. The pool is also encircled by cushioned loungers for ultimate relaxation.



Body and mind relaxation is one of the main concerns of a Mekong River voyage. From spa treatments to jacuzzi pools on the rooftop deck, choose your favorite place to unwind and enjoy the comforts of a large river ship. If you’re interested in Mekong wellness cruise options, feel free to contact our Mekong cruise experts for more information and best deals!

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